Video shows behind the scenes of Mad Max: Fury Road


A behind-the-scenes video unlike any other has been compiled using excerpts from the latest film in the Mad Max blockbuster franchise.

Released in 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road was known for its visually stunning scenes and incredible action sequences, shot against the arid desert backdrop of Namibia.

But little did viewers realise that many of these stunts were performed and produced without CGI. That's right, all those high-speed pursuits and fiery crashes were put together the good old-fashioned way.

The Fury Road – Crash & Smash video combines the very best of the pre-production tests, raw film footage and behind-the-scenes shots to create one almighty action extravaganza.

Stunt people are seen hanging from poles atop the extreme vehicles, while monster trucks collide and explode. Using working vehicles allowed CGI uses to be kept to a minimum.

The short ends with a dedication to the daring and ingenuity of the production team, and we couldn't agree more.