Terrifying footage shows lorry hanging precariously from 100-metre-high bridge


Video from China shows the aftermath of a terrifying crash in which a lorry hauling new cars crashed through the railings of a 100-metre-high bridge.

The footage was captured in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province on Monday and shows the cabin of the heavy goods vehicle dangling precariously from the edge of the bridge.

According to local news reports, the truck hit the central reservation, which caused serious damage to the vehicle's front axle.

This caused it to skid towards the edge of the bridge after the wheels locked, before it broke through the concrete barrier and became wedged scarily close to an incredibly long drop.

The driver and one passenger only suffered minor injuries and were able to climb from the cabin to safety.

Chinese authorities later removed the truck from its hazardous position and repaired the damaged bridge.