Police officer buys woman a new car after hers was totalled


A police officer in Illinois has surprised a local woman by buying her a new car after she totalled her old vehicle in a crash.

Danielle Robinson had wrecked her old Chevy near to the city's police station and after discovering it wasn't saveable became concerned about being stranded. Without a car she had no way to get to work or take her kids to school.

After hearing her story, Officer Patrick Moody decided to help. He contacted a friend who worked at a car dealership and the pair came to an agreement on how to cover the costs of a new vehicle.

Moody then presented Robinson with a 2000 Chevrolet Lumina. He had pledged to help one person every year who could never repay him, and after hearing Robinson's story he decided to sort something out.

After being presented with the car, Robinson couldn't contain her excitement and said she'd name it after Officer Moody.