World's first 'flat-pack' truck revealed


The world's first 'flat-pack' truck has been designed 'to provide all-terrain mobility for the developing world'.

It's called 'Ox' and is the brain child of philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman and legendary vehicle designer Professor Gordon Murray.

Norman founded the Global Vehicle Trust in 2011 with the intention of creating low-cost vehicles for Africa and the developing world, where there is 'intense need for improved transport'. The Ox has been designed to be adaptable for a host of uses, from everyday tasks such as transporting water or building materials to carrying large groups of people.

The vehicle has high ground clearance with approach and departure angles that should ensure that virtually any terrain can be conquered. The rear section can be adapted depending on the required use and it can carry a payload of 1900kg.

World’s first ‘flat-pack’ truck revealed

World’s first ‘flat-pack’ truck revealed

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the truck's design is the fact that it can be flat-packed, making it easy to transport around the world – six vehicles can fit into one shipping container this way.

Construction labour is then required in the destination country, opening up the potential for job creation. Three trained people can put an Ox together in about 12 hours.

The truck uses a 2.2-litre diesel engine from a Ford Transit, which drives the two front wheels. The cabin has space for three with a centrally-mounted steering wheel.

Sir Torquil Norman said: "My inspiration for the Ox goes back to seeing the 'Africar' project of the 1980s. This project shares some of the aims of that vehicle, but its execution is radically different. Ox was just a dream six years ago, but it is now a realistic prospect for production with working prototypes that have completed a comprehensive testing programme."

Professor Gordon Murray said: "The most satisfying elements of the project for me are that the Ox will make such a difference to so many people and that it has no competitor in any part of the world. It has been a privilege to work alongside Torquil to make his vision a reality."