Police blame both drivers in Sydney tunnel traffic incident


In an incident that has divided the Internet, two Australian drivers have been blamed for causing a surreal collision in a Sydney tunnel.

The video captured on a fellow road user's dashcam shows the silver Toyota trying to cut in front of a lorry as traffic merges. The lorry driver, however, was having none of it and sped up to prevent the Toyota from squeezing in.
The low speed scrap continued until the Toyota driver eventually gets in front, with the lorry in contact with the rear bumper of the Camry.

The clip has gained over 160,000 views on the 'Dash Cam Owners Australia' Facebook page, and has even appeared on Australian breakfast television, where two senators argued either side.

New South Wales chief inspector Phillip Brooks told Daily Mail Australia: "This clearly highlights that those two drivers involved aren't sharing the road like they should.

"The car has attempted to anticipate the truck movements which road users should never do and sadly people's preparedness to take risks and share the road is costing lives at the moment."

Written by Jack Healy