Patient van man can't stop laughing at a failing learner driver


Learning to drive can be traumatic at the best of times. Being in control of a large metal machine, moving at speed, while impatient people all around you wait for you to make a mistake can be stressful.

Fortunately, this learner driver was being followed by a very patient man in a van. The silver Vauxhall Corsa is sat waiting at the entrance to a roundabout, tentatively waiting for a gap.

The driver behind is holding his phone, filming the learner's attempts to find a gap in traffic.

"Ready... Go!" he says as he spots a chance for the Corsa driver to pull out. When they hesitate, he can't help but laugh and continues to chuckle as more opportunities come and go.

When the driver finally plucks up the courage to pull away, they stall, sending the man into a fit of giggles.

Mocking those who are learning to drive shouldn't be encouraged, but you can't deny this guy's laughter is infectious!