This is what it takes to properly clean a classic supercar


Cleaning a car can be a simple process. Grab a bucket of warm water, car shampoo and a sponge and wipe away.

If you own something like this Lamborghini Countach, though, the risk of damaging the paint is so high that only a professional wash will do.

Richard Tipper runs a company called Perfection Valet. He spends his working hours cleaning high-value cars and returning them to tip-top condition.

His process of working is known as 'detailing' as it goes into much more detail than a traditional wash. Tipper uses dedicated tools and cleaning products to give the car a basic wash.

To give the car a deep clean, he even takes the wheels off to clean the parts you can't see. A further example of the detail Tipper goes into is the fact he makes sure the bull on the Lamborghini logo is facing forward after removing the spare wheel...