Woman charged £85 for 'five-minute' Uber ride after falling asleep


A woman has been charged £85 for an Uber trip after the driver took a 35-mile detour after she fell asleep.

Hannah Warman, a comedian from London, ordered the Uber taxi to take her home after partying at a friend's house. The trip was a five-minute walk, but the driver took her on a 90-minute drive around London.

Ms Warman told The Independent: "The journey was only a five- or ten-minute walk, but I decided to get an Uber because it was late and I thought it'd be safer.

"I had been drinking a bit and must have fell asleep. I remember thinking it was taking a while, but I assumed maybe it was a new driver and he was lost.

"It wasn't until the next morning, when I received an emailed receipt showing the route, that I realised what had happened."

She said she felt like the trip was taking too long, but was forgiving at the time as she assumed the driver was just new to the job. Initially, she thought it was 'hilarious' but felt shocked and uncomfortable once she'd had time to think about it.

A spokesperson for Uber told The Independent in a statement: "We are speaking to the licensed driver and the rider to establish exactly what happened and have given the rider a full refund."

However, Ms Warman said her faith in the company was 'gone', saying: "I'm not going to use Uber from now on. Black cabs seem like the safer option."