Driver demands compensation after ogling bikini-clad cyclist


A Leicestershire driver has asked for compensation after crashing his car whilst admiring a female cyclist who was dressed in a bikini top and short skirt.

Ex-Great Britain showjumper Vicky Young was cycling through her village, near Bottesford in Leicestershire, when the driver was distracted and drove onto the pavement.

He then proceeded to clip the post box by the side of the road, leading him to drive to Young's parent's dog kennels and ask to be reimbursed for the damage caused to his motor.

Young is the daughter of former Scotland, Tottenham, Arsenal and Nottingham Forest defender Willie Young and his wife Lynda, who, when confronted by the driver, refused to hand over any cash for the damage.

Young told the Sun that the driver claimed she was wearing "a bra and belt" when talking to her parents and later commented on Facebook about the whole incident.

She wrote: "I surely don't have to pay for someone's smashed wing mirror because he went up the pavement and hit it (the post box) when I cycled past in the other direction? Do I?"

The 40-year-old also told the Sun: "I had been cycling on some errands in the sunshine. When I got back my mum told me what happened. I was speechless, but thankfully my mum told him where to go.

"It's been hot so why not wear a bikini and skirt? I wanted to get a bit of colour. I'm quite flattered someone crashed looking at me but it's ridiculous he wanted compensation. It might even cost the driver a divorce when his wife finds out how he damaged the car."

Written by Jack Healy