Driver shamed for leaving dog in car during heatwave


Social media users have shamed a motorist who left her dog in the car during yesterday's 31-degree heatwave.

The cockerpoo was spotted in the VW Beetle in a Surrey Sainsbury's car park by a concerned passer-by.

It appeared others had already noticed the dog's plight, with a note in place on the car's windscreen.

The shopper snapped a photo of the shocking abandonment and, after confronting the dog's owner, took to Facebook to vent her frustration.

Sharing the photo to the Farnham Rants Facebook page, they wrote: "This woman left her beautiful Cockerpoo dog in her car today, in Sainsbury's Burpham.

"A note was left on her car and my partner went into the store to inform the staff, who had already been alerted.

"She returned to her car to be confronted but showed no understanding that dogs can die left in cars on an extremely hot day."

Outraged responses were left on the photo, with one user commenting: "Irresponsible dog owner, people that don't understand shouldn't be allowed to keep any type of animal."

Meanwhile, others questioned whether the dog had even been left with anything to drink, on what was the hottest day of 2016 so far.

While the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars are well known, the law on what people can do to help them is less so.

Smashing a window to rescue a pet could be classed as criminal damage, without proper justification.

The RSPCA advises dialling 999 and reporting the dog's situation to police. However, it added that even it has no powers of entry to a vehicle, and requires police assistance to get into a car without the owner's permission.