Man pranks driver by putting bin on his van

Hilarious prankster keeps putting bin on top of a van
A Mancunian motorist filmed as a friend repeatedly pranked a van driver with a wheelie bin.

The bin is already on the van as the mobile phone footage begins. Realising that something is amiss, the van driver is seen climbing from his cab and forcefully pushing it off.

Seconds after the bin falls, a figure is seen running in from out of shot. As the driver slams his door, the bin is launched back on to the roof, this time on its side.

The filming man can be heard cackling as the red van speeds off, making it less than 10 metres up the road before the bin crashes to the floor. A man can then be seen running into the road to retrieve it, but stumbles and falls over.

Leaping to his feet, he shouts after the van, whose driver seems unaware of the prank just played on him.