Watch a queue jumper sit on another motorist's car

Aggressive Driver Goes to Extreme Lengths to Cut Off Another

This is the hilarious moment a would-be queue jumper got out of their car and sat on another motorist's bonnet.

The amusing exchange was filmed on the border of the United States and Mexico, and shows a man in a small green car attempting to squeeze in between two others.

The dashcam owner is reluctant to lose his place and keeps the gap between his car and the one in front too small for anyone to pull in.

After a few attempts, the driver of the other car climbs out and stands in front of the dashcam owner's car in a brilliant passive aggressive move.

A woman also in the green car then takes over driving, but the dashcam owner simply drives towards the man, who then decides to sit on the bonnet.

It's unclear exactly how the exchange was concluded as the video cuts out as the dashcam is removed, but it's probably safe to assume they didn't kiss and make up!