Shocked bus passengers share ride with a coffin


Bus passengers in Argentina were left shocked after they were forced to share a ride with a coffin.

The incident occurred after the hearse that was originally carrying the casket broke down on its way to the Garden of Heaven cemetery in the city of Alderetes.
The driver tried to get the car up and running but to no avail, leaving the family of the deceased stranded by the side of the road. Fortunately, a local bus driver offered to pick them up – with the coffin – and continue on his rounds, dropping them off on the way.

Teresa Brandan Martinez, the cousin of the deceased, posted on social media saying: 'What kind of company leaves you stranded at the side of the road? But what an amazing bus driver to let us take him on the bus.

'The company will pay for what they have done, my cousin did not deserve this. He was an excellent person.'