Porsche driver wearing slippers narrowly avoids head-on collision


A Porsche Cayenne driver narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a Skoda Octavia after overtaking a line of cars at high speed.

Dashcam footage of the incident shows the moment the luxury SUV attempted to overtake a Citroen on the B1253 in East Yorkshire, before realising the Skoda was coming the other way.

The Citroen driver realises what's about to happen and pulls as far to the left as they can, while the Octavia driver takes to the grass verge to avoid a collision. Miraculously, with the Porsche braking hard, everyone manages to escape without injury.

Damian Hodgson, 35, was driving the car equipped with a dashcam. Talking to The Mirror, he said: "We were just all in complete shock - we couldn't believe what we were seeing because it was just so reckless."

He said that when he approached the driver of the Porsche further down the road she was wearing slippers and "shaking like a leaf." She told him she was on the way to pick her husband up from the pub and even admitted "she always overtakes at that spot".

Hodgson offered the dashcam footage to the Skoda and Citroen drivers, but both declined. All relevant parties exchanged insurance details without involving the police.