Woman run over by her own car after trying to close petrol cap

Woman Walks Away After Being Hit by Her Own Car

This is the moment an unfortunate woman was run over by her own vehicle after she got out to close her petrol cap.

As the car with the dashcam pulls to a stop behind the Honda CR-V, another driver pulls alongside the 4x4 and points out that the petrol cap is open.

The woman behind the wheel of the white SUV gets out to close the cap when the car starts to roll forward. It's likely that she forgot to place her vehicle in 'Park,' so when she took her foot off the brake the car began to move.

Realising her mistake, she attempts to climb back in to the car. However, she fails to do so and falls onto the road with her legs beneath the vehicle. The Honda then rolls slowly over her outstretched legs.

Fortunately, she escapes serious injury. Speaking to a local news outlet, the dashcam's owner said the driver was 'fine.'