Man rescues woman and her dog from sinking car

Raw: Woman, Dog Rescued From Sinking Car in La.

The heroic rescue of a woman and her dog in Louisiana was captured on camera last weekend.

The video shows the moment a small boat approaches a half-submerged Mazda MX-5 that had been swept away by floodwater. The rescuers realise there's someone inside and tell her to get out. "I'm trying," she replies.

The men on the boat desperately search for a knife and try to break the windows with poles. All the while the woman shouts in fear as the car sinks further beneath the water.

With the convertible roof ripped open and time running out, a man called David Phung jumps into the water. He pulls the woman free from her car as it drops below the surface.

The drama continues, however, as she reveals her dog is also in the car. Miraculously, Phung manages to reach into the Mazda and pull the pooch free.