Man finds out that driving a Ferrari race car on the road is 'horrible'


If you've ever dreamed of owning a Ferrari race car with the intention of driving it on city streets, prepare to have your dreams shattered.

American motoring journalist Doug DeMuro was given the chance to drive a Ferrari 430 Challenge, and the experience wasn't quite as thrilling as you might expect.

It all starts so well. The car looks gorgeous and has some fascinating race-spec details like an air jack and plastic windows. And then there's the sound of that lovely V8.

The problems begin when he tries to enter the car. All race cars must have a roll cage fitted to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. The side protection bars cross through the door, which makes it difficult to climb in and out.

Then there's the heat and the noise in the cabin. The Ferrari doesn't have any sound-deadening, heat protection or climate control as they are seen as unnecessary weight that will slow the car down. Driver comfort is low on the priority list.

Finally, the suspension. Racing tracks tend to be glass smooth, so the car is set up firmly as it doesn't have to cope with bumps. Place the car on a bumpy road and the lack of suspension travel results in shockwaves throughout the cabin.

If you thought being a racing driver was easy, think again!