Turkish tow truck can remove a car in less than 60 seconds


Footage from the drop-off section of an unnamed Turkish airport has gone viral, as it shows a tow truck removing a car in less than a minute.

The video, which last just 59 seconds, shows a Renault Clio parked with its hazard warning lights on. A truck pulls alongside and lowers metal arms, which extend and lift the car onto the bed before being taken away.
The process is lightning quick and the workers don't even need to get out of their vehicle.

The truck patrols the drop-off area of the airport and passes by every five minutes. When the driver spots a car without anyone in it, they pull alongside and remove the car.

The process is designed to free up space for people who want to use the service for its designated use, but is also a useful security measure. Turkey is on high alert following a series of terror attacks this year.