Road rage in Rio as bus rams car along street


Traffic in Rio De Janiero is bad at the best of times, and with the Olympics now in full swing, it's virtually impossible to get anywhere in a hurry.

When faced with an inevitable tailback, one bus driver decided that he'd had enough. Taking matters into his own hands, he used his bus to plough a queuing car out of the way.

An onlooker caught the incident on camera, and the resulting footage has now gone viral online. Screeching tires can be heard as the bus rams the car, which appears to be a taxi, along the road.

Another taxi, approaching on the other side of the road is also caught up in the melee, receiving a sideways shunt from the bus.

As he approaches the end of the road, the bus driver appears to lose the car from in front of him, before turning left and driving away.

It is unknown whether he will face any criminal proceedings for his dangerous actions.