Research shows 'sky high' cost of airport parking


Motorists are being forced to face 'sky high' pick-up and drop-off charges at British airports.

In research conducted by the RAC, it was found that it can cost six times more to park than it costs to make a mobile phone call while abroad.

London Luton tops the list of airports with expensive parking, charging a minimum of £7 for 40 minutes in its short stay car park.

It also charges the most for drivers who wait in their car for friends and relatives to arrive, with fees of £3 for 10 minutes and a further £1 per minute thereon.

Other airports high on the list include Birmingham International Airport, which costs £4.70 for up to 60 minutes, and Stansted Airport, which charges £4.50 for 30 minutes of parking outside the terminal.

At London Stansted, drivers face a penalty charge of £50 if they exceed the 10-minute time limit in the pick-up and drop-off sections.

Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC, said: "While it is true that many airports provide a range of different parking options for drivers depending on how long they expect to stay, motorists need to be aware of the sky-high charges levied by some for parking close to the terminal.

"Drivers are running the risk of incurring some hefty charges if they drive to a pick-up zone to collect somebody whose flight is delayed, or who has to wait a long time at baggage reclaim. In these cases, they are much better finding another, more affordable airport car park."