Bulletproof speed camera deployed on German roads


German authorities have revealed the latest in speed camera technology – an angular mobile unit that wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi film.

A fact that is often overlooked is that Germany, a country known for its miles of unrestricted highway, actually does have some speed-limited roads. So the mobile Enforcement Trailer by Vitronic has been brought in to police these areas.

The deployable unit is wireless, battery powered and bulletproof. Pretty cool.

Even more impressive is the technology inside. The batteries allow for five days of constant highway security, during which the cameras monitor multiple lanes. Meanwhile, the computer system know the legal speeds for different types of vehicles at various times of the day and can flash drivers accordingly.

The camera will snap two photos of the speeder – one of the whole vehicle, and a close up of the number plate. These will then be sent via the wireless connection – encrypted, of course – to police.

With such expensive equipment onboard, you'd think that the camera could become the target of thieves or vandals. However, retractable wheels and a hefty 1250kg weight mean that once positioned, the unit is immoveable. Alongside the bulletproof exterior, the camera glass is burglar secured and the door can only be opened by an authorised official with a remote control.

If anyone attempts to tamper with the model, an alarm will warn the police.

The machine is likely to be positioned on hard shoulders from the near future, so remember to keep an eye on the speed limit if you're planning a blast along the 'bahn.