Woman filmed swearing while reading Bible at the wheel


A motorist offered a rather un-godly gesture after she was spotted reading what appeared to be a bible at the wheel of her car.

A passenger in an overtaking car filmed the woman's dangerous behaviour, which only worsened when she realised she was being recorded and stuck her middle finger up.

In the footage, which was captured at around 10.30am on Sunday between junctions 11 and 14 of the M56, the woman can be seen using her steering wheel to prop up the book.

According to the filming onlooker, she was driving at quite a speed and swerving between lanes.

They said: "She sat with one hand on her book and the other putting the finger up pushing against her window but still looking down at her book. This went on for a mile as she weaved from side to side over the white lines.

"The book looked like it was the Bible. I couldn't believe it!"

Cheshire police are now looking into the incident, which took place on a road notorious for crashes.