Here's the terrifying moment a digger driver rams a car, killing one

Forklift smashes into car, killing one

Shocking footage has emerged showing a digger driver repeatedly ramming a car, killing one of its occupants.

The CCTV footage is from a junction in Hanzhong, China, last Sunday. The video begins with a white saloon car being pushed across the road by a reversing earth digger.

Halfway across the street, it looks as though a passenger attempts to exit the vehicle. It's not clear what happens next, but they appear to fall beneath the car as it skids along the road.

The saloon is pinned between a road sign and the digger, which causes serious damage to the side of the vehicle.

Incredibly, the digger driver then pulls forward before going back for more, continuing to ram the car and cause further damage.

It is believed the incident was the result of a dispute over money. Local reports claim that firefighters rescued a passenger who was trapped in the incident, but he later died from his injuries.