Cheeky fox runs off with motorist's keys


A wild fox became an unlikely criminal after stealing a Lithuanian motorist's car keys.

Donatas Petraitis had pulled over to the side of the road in Anyksciai after spotting the fox, and was filming while jangling his keys in an attempt to lure it over.

When this failed, he gently threw the fob towards the curious creature while whistling.

After a few tentative attempts to take the keys, the fox tiptoed forward and gently picked them up in his mouth.

Before Petraitis could realise what was happening, the fox had turned tail and fled, taking the keys with him.

Letting out a cry of indignation, Petraitis gave chase to the fox but stood no chance against the nimble animal.

Luckily, the fox soon tired of the heavy fob, and the motorist later found it abandoned in the woods.

Since Petraitis posted the video to his Facebook page earlier this month it has gone viral, receiving over 100,000 shares and a number of bemused comments.