Triple amputee shows how he drives using specially-adapted truck


A triple amputee has showcased his innovative method of driving in a video with YouTuber 'Smarter every day'.

The amputee, identified only as Kenny, has no legs and only one arm, but thanks to a clever adaption system is able to operate his large pick-up truck.

Kenny is remarkably positive, and makes the most of his situation, telling the YouTuber that one of the good things about his situation is being able to 'put things on the floor, because I don't step on it'.

In the video, he explains the system which he uses to get into the truck. First he lifts himself from his wheelchair onto a platform, before using a crane mounted in the truck bed to pick his chair up.

The platform then raises him up and into the cab of the truck, which has been elevated to ensure he doesn't damage any of the expensive equipment mounted underneath.

To drive, Kenny has a different hand attachment for his prosthetic arm, which he clamps to a specialised lever, which works as both a brake and an accelerator, depending on which direction he moves it in. He uses his other hand to steer the vehicle, and manoeuvre the automatic gearshift.

Being able to drive gives Kenny back his freedom. He goes on to talk to the YouTuber about the Adaptive Training Foundation, a gym run by former NFL player David Vobora with the aim of restoring hope through movement. The pair then visit the gym to explore what it offers to amputees.