Dash cam shows motorcyclist's incredible near miss in car crash


Footage of a motorcyclist's lucky near-miss has left online viewers incredulous.

The video, caught by a dashcam in a following car, shows as the motorcyclist rides along on a busy road in Rostov, Russia.

As a SUV overtakes the rider, a grey saloon on the opposite side of the road appears to lose control, swerving into the side of the white car.

The motorcyclist, who was inches behind the SUV following the overtaking manoeuvre looks set to be caught up in the crash.

However, as the white car shoots right into the roadside verge and the saloon flies towards the filming car, the motorcycle rides straight through the middle, barely even swerving.

According to ViralHog, who shared the video in May, the oncoming vehicle that caused the crash had swerved to avoid an abandoned car on the roadside.

Despite the timestamp on the video reading 2012, the accompanying description claims that the incident occurred on May 26, 2016.