Woman throws herself onto cars to try and claim money

Woman throws herself onto cars to try to claim money

A woman in China has been filmed jumping onto the bonnet of moving cars in an attempt to claim compensation from the unsuspecting drivers.

Filmed in Hebi of Henan Province, the footage shows the woman first lying on the car in question while a man at the side of the road calls the police.

She slowly gets off the bonnet and crouches in front of the car, feigning injury.

Then in a moment of madness, the woman runs to jump onto another car moving through the traffic. She hits the vehicle and falls off in a dramatic fashion. The yellow car then moves forward, almost running the woman over as she lies on the ground.

People stopped the traffic around them to make it look like a real accident, but as the footage shows it was all premeditated.

According to local reports, the woman was later arrested for the bizarre incident.

Written by Jack Healy