Hackers manage to take control of Jeep steering wheel


Two security researchers have demonstrated the dangers that hacking poses to cars by taking remote control of a Jeep's steering wheel.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have made headlines in the past by taking control of a Jeep from a laptop while sat in a hotel room, and now they're back with another warning.

In their previous video, they showed how they could adjust the vehicle's speed and even apply the brakes by exploiting a vulnerability in its software. This prompted Fiat Chrysler to recall 1.4 million cars.

This time they've taken control of the steering wheel, yanking it right and sending the car out of control. Even with the driver aware of what was about to happen, the 4x4 still ends up in a ditch.

With a fix now in place, the pair had to use an old car that hadn't received the software update, so this hack shouldn't be possible in its current form for customer cars. Still, it's an important message, as it makes consumers aware of the dangers vehicle hacking poses.