Finnish stunt rider creates off-road tribute to Isle of Man TT


Stunt Freaks Team are a group of bikers known for creating mind-blowing YouTube videos, and their latest offering is set to go viral.

Team member Juha Ruokolainen has created a tribute to the Isle of Man TT racers he describes as 'the kings of motorcycle sports.'

In the TT, competitors ride superbikes on public roads at ludicrous speeds, but this tribute takes place on broken asphalt and dirt roads.

Ruokolainen doesn't waste time with a dedicated dirt bike for his video. Instead, he just fits knobbly off-road tyres to a superbike.

The video begins with the rider flying along a back road, with the terrible road surface not deterring him from reaching close to IOM TT speeds.

He then takes a slight detour through a forest, kicking up dirt behind him as he darts between trees.

We reckon even his heroes competing on the IOM would be impressed by these antics.