Brave police and onlookers rescue man from car in lake

Brave Cops and Civilians Rescue Man Trapped In Car After Driving Into Lake

Three police officers and two bystanders have been hailed as heroes after coming to the rescue of a motorist who crashed his car into a lake following a medical emergency.

The car reportedly left a road and careered into Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan, where it began to fill with water.

The brave rescuers wasted no time in rushing to the man's aid, jumping into the water and using rocks and an axe to smash the windows.

"Time was of the essence. The gentleman was trapped inside his vehicle and it was slowly submerging as the minutes went by," a witness said.

The three police officers have been named as Andrew Rogers, Michael Scott and Keith Colombo of Grosse Point Farms police department. According to Rogers, the man in the car was unconscious during the rescue.

After managing to open the door and cut the man's seatbelt, the rescuers struggled to pull him free from the vehicle as his foot was caught on the steering wheel.

They finally freed him seconds before his vehicle became totally submerged.