Video captures terrifying moment driveshaft is launched into crowd


A serious incident at a Demolition Derby saw three people injured after a piece of car was launched into the crowd.

According to local news outlet, two of the spectators were taken to Heber Valley Medical Centre after being treated by on-site medics. One woman was reported to have suffered a broken ankle and a deep cut to her leg.

In the footage, cars can be seen crashing into each other as they attempt to disable their competitors. At one point, a driver heads towards a group of stopped vehicles and rams into them.

One truck takes the brunt of the impact and rolls on to its side, as the driveshaft breaks loose and gets catapulted across the arena.

Heber City parks and recreation director Tom Donner said: "We have professional inspectors, mechanics that inspect these cars to make sure these cars are following the rules and that they are safe to be in the arena. It just is an unfortunate accident."