Swarm of trucks pave Russian road quickly


It's really good when people come together to get a job done quickly, and in this time-lapse video just posted on YouTube, you can see teamwork at its best.

A team of Russian workers was able to cut down the time to repave one of Moscow's roads by working in near unison to lay the new level of tarmac.

As dumper trucks emptied into the paving machine, another was quickly able to take its place so the road could be finished in double-quick time.

While the pavers continued up the street, the mini rolling machines were behind flattening out the new tarmac and making sure the new surface was level and pristine.

Dmitry Chistoprudov, who uploaded the video onto YouTube, said: "About 8,000 tons of asphalt mix was put on the area of more than 32 thousand square metres", showing the size of the job.

It was a mightily impressive feat, and Tverskaya Street was looking brand new in no time.

Written by Jack Healy