Shocking racecar crash in Trinidad & Tobago caught on camera


Spectators at a car race in Trinidad & Tobago were left in shock after two cars crashed off the track, with one flying into the stands and injuring five.

The vehicles had been competing in Sunday's Caribbean Motor Racing Championships at the Frankie Boodram Racing Facility in Wallerfield when they consecutively lost control on a tight right-hander.

The first, a Mazda RX-7, crashed into a tyre barrier and came to a stop a safe distance from the onlookers. However, the second car struck the wall and went airborne, flying over the incapacitated RX-7 and straight into the crowd.

While four spectators and the driver were admitted to hospital, incredibly no-one was killed in the dramatic accident, which has been attributed to a mechanical failure in the first vehicle. The cause of the second car's loss of control is unknown, however it could be a classic case of target fixation.

According to a source at the T&T Automobile Sports Association (TTASA), the track was certified by the FIA and all necessary safety measures were in place.

FIA officials are visiting the track with a technical team to conduct an independent investigation into the accident.