Time-warp Ford Mustang Cobra R goes up for auction


A factory fresh Ford Mustang has gone up for sale on internet auction site eBay.

The Cobra R model was introduced in 2000 in extremely limited numbers, with just 300 produced. This particular car is build number 135, and it comes with just 84.5 miles on the odometer and an untouched dealership window sticker.

This Mustang variant was designed to be the ultimate pony car. Every single one was painted in Performance Red and came with a tuned 385bhp V8. There was no automatic transmission - instead each car came as a six-speed manual.

Time-warp Ford Mustang Cobra R goes up for auction

Time-warp Ford Mustang Cobra R goes up for auction

The interior was mostly stripped out to save weight, with Ford deleting the air conditioning, radio and speakers. Upgrades to its performance were all inspired by producing the best possible lap times on a track.

All of this contributed to a 0-62mph time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of more than 170mph. Its quarter-mile time – an important figure for American muscle fans – is an impressive 13.2 seconds.

Other upgrades specific to the R model were Recaro seats, 18-inch aluminum wheels, a 21-gallon fuel cell, racing shocks and springs, a side-pipe exhaust and an upgraded radiator, oil cooler, fuel pump and brakes.

The original price of a Ford Mustang Cobra R was $54,995 (£42,000). This mint example is now up for sale at BJ Motors, Texas for $79,995 (£61,000), which represents an increase in value of around $1500 (£1100) per year.