200mph drag-race crash produces scary on-board footage


Drag-racing can be either very simple or very brutal, and this on-board footage of a Camaro crashing in California displays the latter.

In the 1800bhp Camaro, driver Nacho Bernal and his passenger survive a nightmarish accident where the souped-up sports car spun at high speed, hit a grass verge and rolled into the outfield.

Bernal was trying to break the Camaro half-mile speed record and after completing his run, the car spun under braking, sending the Chevrolet sliding off the runway.

After hitting the grass verge, the car rolled multiple times and knocking out the passenger.

However, thanks to the five-point safety harnesses and six-point roll cage, both Bernal and his passenger walked away from the incident.

The car unfortunately didn't survive, with the video showing the wrecked Camaro on the back of a pick-up truck.

On the bright side, Bernal did break the record for the half-mile top speed, taking his coupé to 195mph.

Written by Jack Healy