Motorcycle crash captured in first-person


A young motorcyclist recorded the moment a white van pulled across her path and knocked her from her bike.

The Motovlogger, who goes by the moniker DeathBunny, was reportedly riding at 60mph along a 70mph limit dual carriageway when a white van pulled out from the left in an effort to cross to the opposite side.

Unfortunately, the man behind the wheel failed to notice the biker approaching in the outside lane and as a result, DeathBunny collided painfully into the side of the van, letting out an ear-splitting scream.

Since she uploaded the video to her YouTube channel last week, the biker has received criticism for riding so fast during heavy traffic.

Responding in the video's description, she wrote: "I do understand that travelling slower could have avoided the accident. I'm not denying that I could have anticipated this a little more than I could. But I didn't. And the crash happened. However I also don't blame myself for the crash.

"Prior to this I have been riding uneventfully for over an hour, looking out for potential accidents. As you can see in the video, this one slipped by me. I'm not a perfect rider. I'm 21, new to riding, and was excited to see the sunset with a friend. I didn't go out to have an accident.

"This is a dual carriageway with a central reservation and a national speed limit of 70mph. As you can see in the video I am travelling below the speed limit at all times. I never once broke the highway code."