McLaren to produce 'GT homage' to F1 supercar


British car manufacturer McLaren will be revamping the F1 supercar from 1993 with its Special Operations division developing a new GT version.

In an article released by Autocar, McLaren released designs of the new F1-inspired concept, which includes detailing that was definitive to the former fastest car in the world, such as the snorkel-style roof air box and the three-seat layout.

McLaren's aim is to make the new model the fastest GT car in the world, instead of trying to break records as they did with the original version.

Rumoured to be fitted with McLaren's 3.8-litre V8 turbocharged engine, which produces over 700bhp, the new GT model is expected to break the 200mph barrier, making it faster than McLaren's current GT model, the 650S.

Like the original F1, the cockpit will have one central position with two passenger seats set back either side, giving the driver a racing view of the road, which was unique to the 1993 model.

McLaren to produce ‘GT homage’ to F1 supercar

McLaren to produce ‘GT homage’ to F1 supercar

The name of the new design has not been confirmed yet, but it is understood that it will have a reference to the F1 in name, paying homage to the original design.

The 1993 F1 supercar broke the record for the fastest production car, reaching 230mph and wasn't beaten until 2005, when the Bugatti Veyron reached 253mph. It still remains the fastest naturally-aspirated car in the world and is also currently the sixth-fastest production car. Only 64 versions of the model were made in total.

Written by Jack Healy