Goose smashes through car's windscreen at 70mph


A driver had an alarming shock when a Canadian Goose smashed straight through her windscreen at 70mph.

Driving along the M55 in Lancashire, Donna Williams was travelling back from Blackpool with her two daughters and her six-year-old grandson, when the goose crashed into the window and struck both Williams and one of her daughters on the shoulder.

The shattered glass was sent flying throughout the cockpit, along with the bird's feathers, which covered Williams's youngest daughter and grandson.

Williams then calmly moved across from the middle lane with the hazard lights on, before stopping in on the hard shoulder, luckily avoiding any of the other vehicles on the road.

Pictures of the aftermath showed the bird in a heap on the front seat.

The result of the incident was just minor cuts and bruises, with no major injuries suffered.

Williams told The Sun: "I stayed calm, put my hazard lights on and drove carefully to the hard shoulder, avoiding causing a collision with any other vehicles. No one even stopped to help!

"We were told if I had swerved we would not be here today."

Lancashire Road Police commended Williams for her calmness, saying: "The occupants of the car were very lucky and the driver did extremely well keeping control of the car and get onto the hard shoulder.

"The goose was interviewed by officers at the scene but decided to use his right to silence."

Written by Jack Healy