Clumsy motorist knocks over scooter then crashes it

Driver Hits Scooter Rider with Door then Crashes Himself

In a series of unfortunate but comical events, a driver in the Taiwanese city of Taichung managed to open his door into the path of an oncoming scooter and then crashed it when attempting to pick it up.

Unable to stop, the scooter rider crashed into the door of the parked BMW, causing him to fall over and the driver helped him up.

After helping the stricken rider off the road, the driver of the car picked the moped up, but in doing so engaged the accelerator.

The driver shot forward as he held on to the moped, and unable to bring the scooter under control, he crashed it in to another parked car.

Our clumsy driver then fell into the moped and smacked his head on the rear panel, before the moped rider rushed to his aid to help him up.

All caught on a fellow rider's helmet camera, it just shows that whatever the power of the moped, it can always be unruly.

Author: Jack Healy