Aggressive motorist caught on camera abusing motorcyclist


A Slough biker filtering through traffic got more than he bargained for when an angry motorist ran over his foot.

IT support technician Bruce Clark was riding to work on his Suzuki V-Strom when he hit heavy traffic, and decided to filter in between the cars – a completely legal manoeuvre for motorcyclists.

However, a driver in a Mazda2 took offence to Clark's actions and drove over his foot, before launching into a foul-mouthed rant when the motorcyclist caught up with him.

Unluckily for the driver, Clark was recording on his helmet-mounted camera, and has since uploaded the footage under his YouTube pseudonym cowtipper84.

"Hey fatboy! Is there a third lane here? I don't think so. Stop barging in and being aggressive," the driver shouts in the video, before launching into a tirade of swearing.

"I hope you like a visit from the police, because this is going on YouTube tonight, and I'm going to report you," Clark retorts calmly.

As the biker rode off, the driver attempts to block him again, before shouting a final "Oh, f**k off you w***er."