Truck door swings open and knocks two people off scooter

Metal plate flies off truck knocking two people of scooter

Two people have been seriously injured after a truck door swung open and knocked them off the scooter they were riding.

The truck swerved out from a junction at speed, crossed over into the wrong lane, and when it was turning back onto the correct side of the road, the back panel flew open and hit the scooter's rider and passenger.

Captured on CCTV footage in the Jiangsu Province town of Shozou, China, the two people are sent flying from the motorcycle, with the hefty impact causing serious injuries to the rider and his four-year-old daughter.

The video shows scenes you may find distressing, as it displays the injuries suffered by the father as he was lying on the ground just after the incident and the four-year-old in hospital with bruising around the eyes and a cut on the forehead.

According to local reports, both victims will make a full recovery after what must have been a scary incident for both.

Author - Jack Healy