More than 100 cars damaged in Portsmouth during vandalism spree


A vandal damaged more than 100 cars on a Portsmouth street in an early morning rampage on Sunday.

The man reportedly ran down Queens Road in Buckland shortly before 8am, scratching cars with a key, while shouting in a foreign language. He is thought to then have run into nearby Copnor Road, heading north.

Car owners are understandably furious and police have stepped up patrols in the area.

Emma Molloy was one of the residents affected. "I was so surprised when I saw the damage to the car," she told the Portsmouth News.

"You'd think it would have happened in the middle of the night but the fact that it happened so early in the morning means that somebody must have seen him.

"Unfortunately, we didn't hear anything, but we're just perplexed because it was such an odd thing for somebody to do."

Portsmouth police went door-to-door down the street on Sunday in an attempt to find out information. They also left letters on the damaged vehicles, asking the owners to contact them.

Local Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant, Iain Clancy, commented: "The local Neighbourhood Policing Team is leading the investigation, which has included house-to-house and CCTV inquiries in the area.

"There is nothing that has come to light so far as part of the investigation to suggest this area has been deliberately targeted. However, additional visible patrols have been arranged in Queens Road and surrounding area."