Classic racing cars smashed in BOSS GP accident


Two classic racing cars tangled during a race at the Monza National Autodrome for the BOSS GP race series.

A 1997 Benetton B197 Formula 1 car and a 2007 Champ Car collided coming out of the famous Lesmos section of the Monza circuit and it caused severe levels of damage to both cars.

The footage is taken from a camera fitted to the Champ Car's roll hoop and shows the Benetton's nose coming up the inside, with its left-hand wheels on the grass, before making contact.

Both cars spin out, with the rear axle of the Benetton snapping off as it makes contact with the Armco barrier. Most of the Benetton's bodywork is ripped off after the impact, with the Champ Car suffering an issue on the front suspension, as well as missing body panels and problems with the rear of the car.

Neither driver was hurt, with the Champ Car driver looking very angry as he threw his head rest into the cockpit when he climbed out.

The BOSS GP Series is made for open cockpit single-seat racing cars, and uses former models from Formula 1, GP2 and Champ Car, as well as other cars from single-seater series.

Author: Jack Healy