Photo gallery details Jaguar Land Rover's £20m technical centre

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has detailed its new technical centre in a series of photographs.

Manufacturing, personalisation and commissioning programmes for JLR's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division will now take place at the centre, which is situated near Coventry.
It will also act as the headquarters for SVO and customers can visit for the chance to spec or collect a new car.

The outfit has grown massively since its inception in June 2014. It's most prominent responsibility is in building halo cars for the JLR brand, such as the recently released Jaguar F-Type SVR.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic also falls under the stewardship of SVO, meaning the technical centre will host the construction of continuation models like the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight and XKSS.


Photo gallery details Jaguar Land Rover’s £20m technical centre

Photo gallery details Jaguar Land Rover’s £20m technical centre

Another aspect of SVO's job is realising unique customisation requests. Specially invited customers can visit a Bespoke Commissioning Suite with a designer to make their car their own.

John Edwards, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said: "The new Special Vehicle Operations Technical Centre is a major step forward in meeting the desires of our most discerning customers. There are more than 200 skilled employees here that are committed to outstanding quality and craftsmanship in everything they do.

"The SVO Technical Centre is a very modern facility, inspired by a Formula 1 engineering centre. It covers 20,000 square metres including a manufacturing area, one of the world's most eco-friendly and advanced paint shops, custom-built commissioning suite, technical suite, presentation suite and offices."