Young girl jumps from stolen car


CCTV footage showing the moment a young girl threw herself from a stolen car has been released by Police in an attempt to trace the carjacker.

The teenage thief struck while the young girl's stepmother shopped for snacks nearby, leaving her unattended in the car with her 11-month-old brother.

In the video, caught on a CCTV camera overlooking the suburban road in Enfield, the girl can be seen tumbling from the Vauxhall Astra as the thief accelerates. Within seconds, she is back on her feet and running to the shop to alert her stepmother.

The woman's son was found about an hour after the theft dumped on a doorstep three miles away.

Police have since praised the girl for her bravery in escaping the car, however warned that she could have been seriously injured or killed.

The trio had been on their way to a wedding when the incident occurred.