Woman filmed solving Rubik's Cube with both hands on motorway


A motorist in Manchester has been filmed attempting to solve a Rubik's Cube while driving on

The footage was filmed by the passenger of a passing vehicle, and shows the woman holding the wheel steady with one finger while she plays with the 3D puzzle.

Despite looking up and seeing that she's being filmed, the woman doesn't appear worried and carries on fiddling with the game.

Macauley Stephens, 21, filmed the amazing incident and spoke to the Manchester Evening News about it:

"When I spotted the woman I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing... How she could concentrate while driving on a busy motorway at peak time beggars belief.

"She saw me looking at her - as you can see in the clip - and she wasn't even affected at all. She just carried on for several more miles doing the puzzle."

Mr Macauley says he has tweeted the footage to police, but hasn't heard anything back.