Lorry crash in China shows lucky escape for biker

Lorry taken out by car after not stopping at red light

CCTV footage shows the scary moment a truck is flipped by a car after running a red light.

The camera, perched high above an intersection in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, shows light traffic as a lorry pulls up to turn left. The driver spots a fast approaching truck and manages to stop in time to avoid a crash.

Unfortunately, a car also entering the intersection on a green light had its view blocked, and didn't see the truck coming until it was too late.

After passing in front of the blue lorry, the truck is clipped by a white car, sending it on to its side and skidding down the road.

A biker waiting on the other side of the road was lucky to escape the incident, as the out-of-control truck rolled far too close for comfort.

Local news reports that the driver admitted fault for the incident and received a fine and six-point deduction on his licence.