Angry crowd swarms police after quad bike arrest


Police have been filmed ramming a quad bike and arresting its rider, causing an angry crowd to swarm around the officers.

The incident occurred at a weekly biker event in the West Midlands. The video begins with the quad bike pulling to a stop at a junction and the rider looking behind him.
A police car arrives quickly on the scene, and pulls across the front of the bike. As the rider attempts to pull away, the officers block his path and push him across the road.

With both vehicles stopped, one policeman jumps out of the patrol car and proceeds to grapple with the man. The officer driving the Skoda Octavia is trapped in his vehicle, and by the time he climbs out other officers have arrived to assist.

The quad bike rider is pinned to the ground prompting angry protestations from the onlookers, who crowd around the officers and block the highway.

Police confirmed that one man was arrested for failing to stop and seven bikes and quads were stopped on suspicion of being driven illegally.