Megabus driver filmed steering with his elbows


A concerned passenger filmed their bus driver steering the heavy vehicle with just his elbows, while scribbling notes on a small piece of paper.

Ronnie Taylor was on board the Megabus, which was travelling the Preston to Glasgow route, when he noticed the driver's irresponsible behaviour.

The sunglasses-wearing conductor can be seen leaning on the wheel, occasionally adjusting the vehicle's path with his elbows and forearms, all the while writing on a piece of paper held in his free hand.

He looks up briefly to indicate and change lanes, before returning to his dangerous driving style.

Dundee-local Taylor shared the video to Facebook on July 4 with the caption: "The driver of the megabus I was on today steering with his elbows whilst writing notes. Hit the rumble strip many times f***ing scary journey".

Since it was uploaded, the footage has been viewed almost two and a half thousand times, with many viewers commenting on the dangerous driving.

After reporting the driver to Megabus, Taylor told commenters that the company had replied saying that the driver had been issued a disciplinary warning.