Drive-thru worker throws drink over driver after prank


A video of a drive-thru prank has gone viral online, but not for the reason that the culprits intended.

In the footage, which was shared to video streaming site LiveLeak by user QuakerBaker9, a pair of young men approach a drive-thru collection window at a McDonalds in America.

As the young female employee reaches to hand them a large coke and collect the money, one of the pair hoots a loud horn, causing her to jump.

Unimpressed, the worker pauses before retorting "You're not getting your drink, go!"

With that, she throws the credit card back at the driver, followed by the coke, which explodes on impact.

The stunned driver launches the remainder of the drink out of the car before driving off.

"That's what happens when you prank," laughs his friend before turning the camera to his friend's coke-covered trousers. "They get kind of mad!" he adds.